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23 Wine Movies You Don’t Want To Miss

Whether they’re beautifully shot stories or documentaries unveiling wine’s mysteries, wine movies are a brilliant way to learn and appreciate the world of the oenophile.

List Of Wine Movies For 2020
You’re never drinking alone if DLynn is on the screen.

This is the perfect list for those of us who might, let’s say, have a lot of time on their hands now or in the near future.

There have been a huge amount of them over the years, so we did our best to cover 23 of the best and most relevant for your viewing pleasure.

UPDATE: With the release of Netflix’s Uncorked, this list went from 22 wine movies to 23! Even more oenophile cinema for your viewing pleasure.

Heart and Soul

Centering on the people of a region or a specific moment in time, these wine movies are about the fingerprints that go on every grape.

A vineyard in Burgundy.
Courtesy of A Year In Burgundy

A Year In Burgundy (2013)

Spend a full year in Burgundy, France’s most legendary wine region. Follow all the trials and tribulations that come with working the soil in a land that’s become almost more myth than reality.

Where You Can Watch It: Amazon Prime, Vudu, SommTV

A bottle held up to the light in A Year in Champagne wine movie.
Courtesy of A Year In Champagne

A Year In Champagne (2014)

This followup to A Year In Burgundy covers the winemakers of another French region steeped in mystery: Champagne: bubbly’s hallowed home.

Where You Can Watch It: Amazon Prime, iTunes, SommTV

The cast of Barolo Boys wine movie.
Courtesy of Produzioni Fuorifuoco

Barolo Boys (2014)

But it’s not all about France. Next we’ve got a documentary that centers on the explosive, boisterous history of Italy’s Barolo region and its fanatical, Nebbiolo-loving winemakers.

Where You Can Watch It: Amazon Prime, iTunes

The cast of Bottle Shock
Courtesy of 20th Century Fox

Bottle Shock (2008)

Okay, so maybe this movie did wine aficionado Steven Spurrier real dirty, portraying him as an unbelievable snob. And maybe Chris Pine’s wig is absolutely absurd. But it’s still a fun dramatization of the Judgement of Paris, with some genuinely clever (if largely fictional) moments.

Where You Can Watch It: Amazon Prime, SommTV

A wine tasting during Somm 3
Courtesy of Forgotten Man Films

Somm 3 (2018)

If Bottle Shock covers the fictional version of the Judgement of Paris, Somm 3 covers the event’s fact: along with some of the people who were there! It’s also a brilliant look into the mysterious practice of blind tasting: useful skill or parlor trick?

Where You Can Watch It: Amazon Prime, Hulu, SommTV

Looking For Even More Wine Content?

Believe it or not, the creators of the Somm films have even more wine content over at SommTV! They’ve got some excellent options, so be sure to check them out.

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Netflix Uncorked Wine Movie
Courtesy of Netflix

Uncorked (2020)

That classic Disney-style story of a child looking to stray from the family and become his own man (and a sommelier). Uncorked is warm, funny, and a great introduction to the passion of budding wine fanatics, whatever their background.

Where You Can Watch It: Netflix.

Oscar Bait

The best of the best (or at least trying really hard to be the best). If it hasn’t won a bunch of awards, it really should.

The cast of The Secret of Santa Vittoria wine movie
Courtesy of United Artists

The Secret of Santa Vittoria (1969)

Pure Oscar bait: the downtrodden winemakers of Italy’s Santa Vittoria have to find a way to protect their precious wines from the dirty mitts of the Nazis. What’s not to like?

Where You Can Watch It: Amazon Prime

Paul Giamatti in Sideways wine movie.
Courtesy of Fox Searchlight Pictures

Sideways (2004)

The film that literally affected the sales of Merlot for the worse, Sideways is a sad, funny film that may have been many people’s first wine movie.

Where You Can Watch It: Hulu, Amazon Prime

Dlynn studying a glass of wine in Somm movie
Courtesy of Forgotten Man Films

Somm (2013)

Watch the passion, pain, and pure insanity of what it means to become a Master Sommelier. See some of the wine world’s greats when they were just up-and-comers!

Where You Can Watch It: Amazon Prime, iTunes, SommTV

Shot from French wine movie You Will Be My Son
Courtesy of Cohen Media Group

You Will be My Son (2011)

Set in a prestigious vineyard in St. Emilion, this is one of those beautiful, emotional foreign films that everyone assumes wine snobs love. And they’d probably be right.

Where You Can Watch It: Amazon Prime, Vudu

The Wild & The Weird

These are the movies that cover the more eccentric and strange sides of the wine world. More eccentric and strange than usual, that is.

Maynard James Keenan in Blood Into Wine movie
Courtesy of Twinkle Cash Company.

Blood Into Wine (2010)

Whether he’s giving interviews on the toilet or being mocked by comedians Tim & Eric, Maynard Keenan represents the tribe of wine fanatics that take their craft seriously while also knowing how to have a good time.

Where You Can Watch It: Amazon Prime, Vudu, SommTV

A wine bottle being inspected in Sour Grapes wine movie.
Courtesy Of Dogwoof Pictures

Sour Grapes (2016)

Want to watch some of wine’s most prolific collector’s eat a slice of humble pie? This one might be for you. A look at the darker side of wine buying and collecting, this documentary covers one of the wine world’s most prolific fraudsters.

Where You Can Watch It: Netflix, Amazon Prime

The Vineyard Wine Movie - Horror
Courtesy of New World Pictures

The Vineyard (1989)

Because too much seriousness gives me a headache: let’s go full weird. The Vineyard is a b-movie horror flick about a vintner who uses the blood of his victims to make wine. You can’t tell me you aren’t intrigued a little bit.

Where You Can Watch It: Amazon Prime

A woman and a dog working the vineyards in Wine Calling
Courtesy of The Orchard

Wine Calling (2018)

Wine Calling follows the lives and methods of winemakers going the natural route: creating their vino in a biodynamic style. You learn quickly that if you want to do things the natural way, you’d better love what you’re doing.

Where You Can Watch It: Amazon Prime

Thoughtful Docs

Documentaries that take a step back and really appreciate the big picture of the wine world: beautiful to watch, even better to ponder.

People tasting wines in a wine cellar in the movie Decanted.
Courtesy of Decanted

Decanted. (2016)

An absolutely gorgeous look at the full extent of California’s Napa Valley. Everything from picturesque aerial shots to getting down and dirty in the vineyards.

Where You Can Watch It: Amazon Prime, iTunes

The cast of Mondovino enjoying a vineyard.
Courtesy of THINKfilms

Mondovino (2004)

Still able to arch some eyebrows after all these years, Mondovino keeps a close eye on critics, consultants, and the big guys vs. the little guys. It culminates in an in-depth look at wine’s fate as the world gets smaller and smaller.

Where You Can Watch It: Amazon Prime

A Chinese vineyard in Red Obsession wine movie.
Courtesy of Lion Rock Films

Red Obsession (2013)

The thirst for wine has only grown in recent years, and Red Obsession sets itself apart by being one of the first documentaries to target that clamoring in China specifically. What happens when demand starts heavily outweighing supply?

Where You Can Watch It: Amazon Prime

An old bottle of wine being poured in Somm Into The Bottle
Courtesy of Forgotten Man Films.

Somm: Into The Bottle (2015)

The second Somm film takes a step back and covers the history of wine in ten stories, told by some of our favorite people in the wine business (including our own Madeline Puckette: not that we’re biased or anything.)

Where You Can Watch It: Amazon Prime, Hulu, SommTV

Wine & Cheese

The delicious notes of cheesy plots, sappy romances, and corny jokes will pair beautifully with any wine you happen to uncork that evening.

Russell Crowe in A Good Year wine movie
Courtesy of 20th Century Fox

A Good Year (2006)

Whatever your stance on romantic comedies, this one is absolutely gorgeous. A Good Year is perfect for lovers of Provence and Russell Crowe alike.

Where You Can Watch It: Hulu, Amazon Prime

Keanu Reeves in A Walk In The Clouds
Courtesy of 20th Century Fox

A Walk In The Clouds (1995)

This is it: the sappy wine romance to end all sappy wine romances. This is before Keanu realized that his true calling was single-handedly killing armies of assassins, but it’s still worth watching for all the emotional craziness that gets thrown around.

Where You Can Watch It: Amazon Prime

A Heavenly Vintage wine movie
Courtesy of Screen Media Films

A Heavenly Vintage (2009)

Taking things in a decidedly more fantastic (not to mention steamy) route, this film follows the relationship between a peasant winemaker and an angel. No: this is not based on some teenager’s fanfiction. But yeah. It gets a little… weird.

Where You Can Watch It: Amazon Prime, iTunes

Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph in Wine Country.
Courtesy of Netflix

Wine Country (2019)

Look, Amy Poehler’s directing debut: Bridesmaids it ain’t. But it’s still one of the best female-led casts ever assembled. And they still manage to get some surprisingly funny jabs in at wine tourists and natural wine makers.

Where You Can Watch It: Netflix

Year of the Comet wine movie.
Courtesy of Columbia Pictures

Year Of The Comet (1992)

What list of cheese would be complete without a classic caper? This wine movie follows a huge cast of misfits as they all vie for control of the world’s (supposedly) most valuable bottle of wine.

Where You Can Watch It: Amazon Prime, iTunes

Wine movies are the perfect sort of thing to reinvigorate your love of the grape, and this list has got to be enough for a nice long weekend with some friends!

What are some of your favorite wine movies? Let us know below!

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