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Wine People vs. Beer People

Despite what might look like a classic dogs vs. cats alley fight to some, wine people vs. beer people actually have plenty in common. But you can’t deny that these two tribes have some pretty obvious differences.

In the interest of not taking either of these libations too seriously, let’s take a look at 7 differences between wine people and beer people.

A cartoon of a someone shotgunning beer and someone floppy hat sipping rose.

The Basic Betch

Beer Person: shot-gunning beer.

Wine Person: rosé all day.

A wine snob and a beer snob explaining the virtues of their favorite drinks.

The Stereotypical Snob

Beer Person: micros only.

Wine Person: “tear-wah!”

The One Everyone Hates

Beer Person: anything but IPA

Wine Person: anything but Chardonnay.

A beer person and a wine person showing off their fancy wine and beer glasses.

The Fancy Glass

Beer Person: owns a custom glass for each Belgian beer.

Wine Person: hand-blown titanium-based crystal… please don’t touch them.

A plate full of pretzels and wings for beer people, and a plate full of grapes and cheese for wine people.

The Food Platter

Beer Person: WIIiiiiinnnggssss. Preztels. And mustard.

Wine Person: Cheeeeeeeeeese. Olives. And pickles.

A wine lover and a beer lover complaining about having to open their drink.

The Bottle Opening Conundrum

Beer Person: A well-placed tap on the edge of a countertop.

Wine Person: Hey, pull up Youtube… Does that shoe trick actually work?

A wine lover and beer lover, both in bed and severely hung over.

The Hangover

Beer and Wine Person: Undeniable.

So I guess wine people vs. people isn’t really a thing. We have more in common than we thought!

What differences have you noticed in wine people vs. beer people? Tell us in the comments!

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