education institution

education institution

Institution that provides education as its main purpose, such as a school, college, university or training centre. Such institutions are normally accredited or sanctioned by the relevant national education authorities or equivalent authorities. Educational institutions may also be operated by private organizations, such as religious bodies, special interest groups or private educational and training enterprises, both for profit and non-profit.
Statistical unit of the Ministry of Education or, alternatively, national statistical office.

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(d) Nationally recognized accrediting body means an entity determined to be such by the U.S. Department of Education .
(a) Educational institution means a school (including a technical, trade, or vocational school), junior college, college or university that is: operated or directly supported by the United States; operated or directly supported by any State or local government or by a political subdivision of any State or local government; or approved by a State agency or subdivision of the State, or accredited by a State-recognized or nationally recognized accrediting body.

The Province of Liège sees to it that the trainings offered are in keeping with the socio-economic development of the region.
The Higher Education Institution awards Bachelor and Master degrees which integrate both theoretical and practical trainings and aim to give its future graduates vocational qualification and professional skills in a specific field. The trainings provide them with learning outcomes which they can validate in other courses of study and training.

Example If you studied for a foundation degree in Early Years at Aylesbury College, your degree would be awarded by Buckinghamshire New University.
Recognised bodies are higher learning institutions that can award degrees.

Education institution
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“Higher education institution (HEI) is a term from the Further and Higher Education Act 1992. Under the Act, it means any provider which is one or more of the following: a UK university; a higher education corporation; an institution designated as eligible to receive support from funds administered by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE), aside from further education colleges”. (Eurydice – European Commission).
In England, Higher Education institutions are independent, self-governing bodies active in teaching, research and scholarship and established by Royal Charter or legislation. Most are part-funded by government. Higher Education (HE) is provided by different types of institution. In addition to universities and university colleges, whose Charters and statutes are made through the Privy Council which advises the Queen on the granting of Royal Charters and incorporation of universities, there are a number of publicly-designated and autonomous institutions within the sector. About ten per cent of higher education provision is available in colleges of further education by the authority of another duly empowered institution.

The term ‘‘covered educational institution’’ for purposes of section 305 of Public Law 115-48 is an educational institution as defined in § 21.4200(a) that has enrolled 20 or more individuals using educational assistance under title 38, United States Code. If your educational institution or facility meets that criteria, you must complete the annual School Certifying Official (SCO) training requirements. To verify if your institution or facility is a covered educational institution, click on your state (below) and search for your school’s name.
SCOs who have questions regarding covered educational institutions should direct them to their ELR of Jurisdiction.

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