Biofuels-Shell Oil Company

Shell is a worldwide energy and petrochemical company with more than a million workers in about one hundred countries. Shell through its innovative approach ensures that the firm can deal with the future energy crisis. Shell aims at meeting energy requirements globally in a manner that is social, economical and environmentally friendly always. The company also aims at working with its clients, policymakers, and other stakeholders to improve sustainable and efficient utilization of natural resources and energy (Mol 299).

            The company’s objectives are to engage resourcefully, reasonably and profitably in gas chemical, oil, and biofuels, among other few commercial activities. Also, Shell is committed to taking part in the search for and establishment of other energy sources so as to meet the ever increasing customers’ wants and evolving global demand for energy. Shell’s responsibility is ensuring that biofuels and oil are well produced and delivered in time at a profit and in a way that the whole process is both socially and environmentally responsible. The firm’s goal include leading in the oil and energy sector globally regarding customer service, quality, safety and environmentally friendly (Mol 305).

            According to Skjaeseth (99), of all Shell’s products, biofuels are best types of fuels. Shell Oil Company is committed to producing biofuels because they are environmentally friendly. The company encourages recycling activities because in most cases, biofuels are produced from waste materials. Shell manufactures different types of biofuels using a detailed technique with several stages. During the production of biofuels all animal fats, oil and vegetables containing glycerin are converted into esters splitting glycerin. Glycerin and biodiesel are separated using a process called Transesterification. The catalyst used in the whole process is called lye and chemicals used known as methanol or ethanol, which results in the use of methyl esters.    

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