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The Ultimate Tuscan Wine Course

Unlock the flavors, history, and secrets that put Tuscany on the wine map. Elevate your Italian wine game to MVP status.

Master the Art of Italy's Tuscan Wine

Into wine or mad about Tuscan eats? Maybe you're an industry pro or just love to travel? Listen, this course is your jam. From sips to swirls, elevate your game to expert level. Your passport to Tuscan wine brilliance awaits!

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This course was a great introduction to the wines of Tuscany. I learned a lot and can't wait to try some of the wines that were recommended.
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Gustavo M.
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Wine Folly has enabled me to taste wines with more informed expectations, and to make recommendations for pairing. I have a lot to learn, but I appreciate the friendly and approachable good start, thank you!
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Maggie E.
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This course was fantastic. As a true wine-lover, especially a French wine-lover, this course was excellent. I really appreciate how the information, which was rich and nuanced, was also super-digestible.
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Matt S.
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Tuscany 101

What You'll Learn

From Etruscans to the Renaissance, sip through time and see why Tuscany's a global wine game-changer.

From Etruscans to the Renaissance, sip through time and see why Tuscany's a global wine game-changer.

Unlock the secrets of Sangiovese, the soul of Chianti, and other Tuscan grape all-stars. Elevate your grape IQ to paradise levels!

Decode Tuscan terroir, from climate to soil! Unlock why each sip tastes the way it does and flex those expert-level terroir chops.

From Chianti Classico to Bolgheri, journey through Tuscany's diverse wine regions. An adventure you don't want to miss.

Master the art of decoding wine labels to find the perfect bottle every time. Never feel overwhelmed in a wine shop again.

From spotting value to avoiding common pitfalls, get insider tips on buying Tuscan wines like a pro. Shop with confidence!

Master the art of sipping Tuscan vino! Swirl, sniff, and unveil the tiny details that make each bottle a sip-worthy masterpiece.
Certification Exam

Ace the 50-question quiz finale and score your Certified Master of Tuscan Wine diploma.

Course Wines

Get to know Tuscany's Wines


Meet Tuscany's MVP grape, the superstar of the Tuscan vineyard.
Super Tuscan

Tuscany's own renegade vinos that break the rules but win your palate.

Meet Tuscany's white grape VIP. It's the star of the Tuscan white wine show.
Vin Santo

Tuscany's ultimate sweet finale: The dessert wine you can't ignore.


Christine Marsiglio

Christine MarsiglioDirector of Education

Get Schooled By A Real Deal Master of Wine

Meet Christine Marsiglio, our Director of Education and a Bollinger award-winning Master of Wine — yeah, she’s one of only 35 in the world with that accolade!

Prior to joining Wine Folly, Christine played a pivotal role as a WSET Diploma Educator in London and was instrumental in contributing to the latest global Diploma materials. And get this, she was also a Tastings Exec at Decanter, running panels and even organizing the Decanter World Wine Awards.

Let’s just say, when it comes to wine, Christine’s got some serious game.
Madeline Puckette

Madeline PucketteWine Folly Founder

Sip Smarter with Madeline Puckette

Get to know Madeline Puckette, the co-founder who turned Wine Folly into your ultimate wine cheat sheet since 2011.

She's not just any wine guru; she's racked up major accolades like Wine Blogger of the Year and Wine Communicator of the Year from the International Wine & Spirits Competition, plus she’s also a James Beard Award-winning and New York Times best selling author!

Trust us, her must-read articles, eye-popping infographics, and can't-miss videos make wine know-how as easy as uncork, pour, sip. She's the real deal.

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